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domain suffix not in public suffix list

last check:
11.02.2019 01:54:17

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No IP-Adresses found.

No DNSSEC - Informations found

No Nameserver entries found

No SOA entries found
Domainname Http-StatusredirectSec.G


Aname "psyk" is private, public suffix is not defined
ADuration: 0 milliseconds, 0.000 seconds


No connection informations found. Perhaps only http - connections.


No certificate informations found. Perhaps only http - connections.

Last Certificates - Certificate Transparency Log Check (BETA)

No Certificate-Transparency-Log informations found. The feature is new (startet 2019-03-21), so recheck this domain.

Html-Content - Entries (BETA - mixed content and other checks)

No Html-Content entries found. Only checked if https + status 200/401/403/404

CAA - Entries

No CAA entries found

TXT - Entries

No TXT entries found


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