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09.07.2019 13:26:22

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1. IP-Addresses

HostTIP-Addressis auth.∑ Queries∑ Timeout
No Hostname found


No DNSSEC - Informations found

3. Name Servers

No Nameserver entries found

4. SOA-Entries

No SOA entries found

5. Url-Checks

Domainname Http-StatusredirectSec.G


Aname "" is ipv4 address, public suffix is not defined
warning: Private ip address found: to Shared address space for communications between a service provider and its subscribers when using a carrier-grade NAT
AGood: Domainname is not on the "Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List" (SDN)
ADuration: 2253 milliseconds, 2.253 seconds

7. Connections

No connection informations found. Perhaps only http - connections.

8. Certificates

No certificate informations found. Perhaps only http - connections.

9. Last Certificates - Certificate Transparency Log Check (BETA)

1. Source CertSpotter - active certificates

No CertSpotter - CT-Log entries found

2. Source crt.sh - old and new certificates, sometimes very slow.

No CRT - CT-Log entries found

10. Html-Content - Entries (BETA - mixed content and other checks)

No Html-Content entries found. Only checked if https + status 200/401/403/404

11. CAA - Entries

No CAA entries found

12. TXT - Entries

No TXT entries found

13. Portchecks (BETA)

No Port informations found. The feature is new (startet 2019-07-09), so recheck this domain.

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